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Product description

Brewico is a brand-new coffee machine maker line of products, providing high-quality professional coffee machines made in Vietnam. Brewico has developed and applied a series of advanced technologies and features that benefit users, and ensure smooth, reliable operation while providing a qualified warranty with the utmost reputation. We proudly present two signature products: Brewico Br S1 and Brewico Br F1.

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Model: Brewico Br. S1
Color: Inox & black (Electro Static Coating Technology).
Boiler & Group heads: Chrome-plated alloy steel.
Cafe boiler capacity: 4.8 Litre.
Water supply: Direct water source.
Power: - Current/Freq: 220-240V/50-60Hz.
- Power(W): 1750.
- Diameter (mm): 375 x 420 x 485
- Weight (Kg): 58.
- Water sensor: Present.
- Temperature sensor: Present.
- LED-screen: 4 Inch.
Pump power: 120 W.   
- Pump pressure: 20 bar.
- Idle pressure: 12 bar.
Serving Capacity: 180 - 220 cup/day
Place of Origin: Vietnam
Warranty: 12 months.