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Product description

With P.I.D technology, the machine is guaranteed to have absolute thermal stability during non-stop continuous use and can effectively brew up to 100 cups of continuous brewing, with the espresso water temperature between cups being assessed and verified absolutely the same.
- Automatic brewing mode, water flow can be set as desired
- Mode: Pre-infustion
- Group head automatic washing function: automatic & can set the time & washing cycle as desired
- Water source: bottled water
- Displays the brewing time, helping to control the quality between espresso cups more stably.
- Anti-drip

Nhận thông tin báo giá


Model: Br. Citis
Color: Stainless steel & black (powder coated steel)
Material of boiler & group head: Chrome-plated alloy steel
Coffee boiler: 0.17 liter x 2 & 1 thermostatic boiler
1 Bình chứa nước: 3,8 liters
Voltage - Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz
- Power (W): 1350
- Dimensions (mm): 455 x 400 x 420
- Weight (Kg): 30
- Water sensor: yes
- Temperature sensor: yes
Pump pressure: 20 bar
Serving capacity: 120 - 150 cups/day
Place of Origin: VietNam
Warranty: 12 months.