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Standby pressure stays at 12 BAR to fulfill every coffee extract to its finest quality without compromising the captivating crema layers on top.
Two specialized boilers help the milk steaming process and continuous hot water extractions go smoothly without compromising your coffee taste. Stabilizing the temperature, ensuring every cup of espresso will be delivered with the highest quality.

Features include:
Pre-infusion mode on the go.
• Cup heater rack to keep all your cups dry and warm.
• Boiler temperature precisely controlled by PID technology.
• Dispersion screen: High-quality stainless steel.
• Warranty time: 12 months

Color choices

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Model: Brewico Br. F1.
Color: Inox, black, orange, blue, red, white (Electro Static Coating Technology).
Boiler & Group heads: Chrome-plated alloy steel.
Boiler capacity: Boiler for Cafe: 0.8 litre.
Boiler for Steam: 3.4 litre.
Water source: - Direct.
Powerr: - Current/Freq: 220-240V/50-60Hz.
- Power (W): 1750.
- Diameter (mm): 375 x 420 x 485.
- Weight (Kg): 58.
- Water sensor: Present.
- Temperature sensor: Present.
- LED-screen: 4 Inch.
Pump power:  120 W.   
- Pump pressure: 20 bar.
- Idle pressure: 12 bar.
Serving Capacity: 180 - 220 cups/day.
Country of Origin: Vietnam.
Warranty: 12 months.